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Oct. 18th, 2005 | 06:16 pm
posted by: narie in albion_elite

In light of recent events it's become more or less apparent that there is, indeed, room in the internet for another active albion_something community, which is to say, there's room for this one.*

And so, an update to the rules. It should be pretty much smooth sailing from here on.

1. Membership is moderated but everyone is approved. This is only a formality.

2. All posts should be friends locked. This is another formality, but one that should be adhered to.

3. Posting access is not granted by default. This is not a formality. If you want to post something, contact l_s_q or narie and we'll get on it, but read the rest of the rules before doing so.

4. Constructive criticism is actively encouraged. The whole purpose of this endeavour is not to develop into a tightly-knit clique of snotty, elitist writers who sneer upon everyone else, despite what the community name may have led you to believe, it is to amass a decent selection of good fic.

If you're not willing to be critiqued/told that your story needs work, you probably should not consider posting here. Mind you, this does not mean you will get constructive criticism on your first post, or on your second post, or on any of your posts. But the possibility is out there, and you should keep it in mind.

5. Spelling, grammar and characterisation are important. Beta reading is important too. While the latter is not mandatory, a good grasp on the first three certainly is; posts that do not adhere to this will be deleted.

6. Flames will also be deleted.

7. Anything else, please contact either l_s_q or narie.

So, spread the word, use the comm, post fic and be nice yet insightful.

* I would make a comment about niche ecology here, but then you'd all think me weird.

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Apr. 17th, 2005 | 09:29 pm
posted by: dis0spj in albion_elite

Part 1 of... a couple of parts? Don't know when I'll be able to write more though. Not just yet - uni essay to do :-(

(Do I have to do all that POV / rating stuff? I never know... Well just in case - it doesn't need rating with reference to drugs/sex/violence/language etc - is that U then? And Carl POV.)

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